3-BAND INLINE REPEATER (all European providers) - Calls 4G and 5G mobile internet (20.000 m²)

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  • Suitable for all mobile phone providers for 4G and 5G and 2G
  • Compact signal booster for use at home and offices
  • Supplied with antennas, coaxial cables and accessories
  • Easy to install. Ready for use
  • Free of interference. CE! approved
  • Low energy consumption
  • Indoor coverage up to max. 2.000 sqm
  • Art.nr. RF ZLE20L-T
  • Price excl. VAT

This 3-band Inline repeater, very powerfull, has been specially designed for installation in large venues such as: office buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, sports venues, conference halls, underground parks, warehouses, hospitals... This device completes any of our GSM and 4G repeaters and allows deployment of an extra line of 1 to 10 indoor antennas (depending on cabling configuration) allowing a total coverage worth 2000 sqm, per inline repeater.

Extremely flexible solution to deploy, several inline repeaters can be connected after a single GSM 4G repeater in order to create a very large system composed of multiple indoor antennas.

Please contact us for details and assistance on this 3-band 700+800+900 MHz inline repeater Rosenfelt RF ZLE20L-T. We are happy to assist further.


More Information

Suitable for 5G 700 MHz and 4G Network 800 MHz and 2G 900 MHz 

Coverage area

up to 2.000 sqm.

Gain Up 65 dB (uplink 703 - 733 // 832 - 862 // 880 - 915 MHz)
Gain Down 70 dB (downlink 758 - 788 // 791 - 821 // 925 - 960 MHz)
Output power


Main Power AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz, DC Adapter 12V 5A
Dimensions 210 x 145 x 45 mm
Wavelength MHz 700 MHz / 800 MHz / 900 MHz