Are you an installer?

We are looking for motivated installers to cooperate for installation and sales of Rosenfelt GSM repeaters. How can we cooperate?

Option 1. Customer buys direct from GSM Repeater Shop

The customer indicates that they do not want to install the repeater themselves. GSM Repeater Shop contacts you directly to learn if you are interested in this job. After your confirmation you will receive an email from us with all relevant information (address, floor plan and which repeater and how many antennas).

- What are the activities involved in the installation?

The complete repeaterset is for this option delivered directly to the customer. A GSM Repeater set consists of 4 components: Outdoor antenna, coaxial cable, repeater and the indoor antenna(s).

For an optimal result it is important that the outdoor antenna is mounted as high as possible on the outside of the facade. We will advise you about good locations to mount it. For this we use drawings, pictures from the customer or Google Street view.

Then the coaxial cable must be brought inside to the place where the repeater will be mounted. The repeater needs a 220V connection. The coax cables are 50 Ohm and specially made for this specific use. Depending on the installation, standard cables are supplied or the coax cables have to be assembled from a roll on site at the site.

For homes up to approximately 150m2 area, 1 indoor antenna is used. Many of our customers are businesses. This means that surfaces can be up to 10,000m2. Many more indoor antennas are then required to obtain good coverage. For installations with more than 1 indoor antenna, we always provide an installation plan.

Usually the customers want a price (indication) for the installation. We give you the customer's information or send your details to the customer. From then on, all communication about the installation all goes through the installer. The quote for the installation also goes directly to the customer. We do not wish to earn anything from the installation. We only want a perfect installation for our customer!

Option 2. The installer supplies the customer:

The work involved in installation is the same. But if you are with a customer and discover that calling is very bad you can offer a GSM Repeater solution. If you give us the floor plan, the address (with this we can see where the customer's nearest BTS is) and the desired providers we will make you a complete quote. And we can offer you an attractive installer discount. The more customers you bring in, the higher the discount.

Already after your first successful installation you can become an official Rosenfelt installer. In doing so, we will agree on a region in which you will receive all requests exclusively from us.

Are you ready for the partnership? Send us an email and call!