How do I measure the mobile signal with Iphone?

How do I measure the mobile signal with Iphone?

In certain situations you have a weak or even no GSM signal on your mobile phone, which can have several reasons. In this article we investigate a bit and see how to measure the intensity of this signal with an iPhone. It is very useful, let's say that it is the first step to improve the cellular signal (and if you are faithful Androidians we have an article dedicated to measuring the GSM signal with Android).



1. Why do I have a poor GSM signal?

In extra-urban areas there are far fewer base transceiver stations (BTS), which is simply why the GSM signal is often worse than in the city center. Many times the line is also unstable, it comes and goes.


2. Measure the GSM signal with iPhone

The number of bars or dots on the screen at the top tells us briefly how good or poor the GSM signal is. There is a way to do a field test (literally, field test) and proceed as follows:

pic 1

iPhone / Telefoon


pic 2

iPhone / Field Test


3. How good or bad is the GSM signal?

There is a parameter called "signal intensity" and expresses a negative numerical value in dBm. The higher and closer to zero this number, the stronger the GSM signal. In the example of the photo we see that the signal intensity is -93 dBm. A normal result, in fact the value generally falls between -120 and -70 dBm. This table can help you judge the goodness of your GSM signal.


  • -113 -107: GSM signal too low
  • -105 -101: low GSM signal
  • -99 - 93: sufficient GSM signal
  • -91 - 83: good GSM signal
  • -81 - 65: very good GSM signal
  • -63 - 51: GSM signal too high, use a signal attenuator


4. How can I improve the GSM signal of my iPhone?

With the help of a GSM repeater, we can certainly strengthen the GSM signal. The repeater takes the external GSM signal and brings it inside the walls of a house or an office, making it possible to make telephone calls where it was not possible or difficult. Each repeater kit also includes the external antenna, the internal antenna and the coaxial cables. The external antenna should ideally be positioned on the roof or as high as possible. The internal antenna, on the other hand, is as big as a pen and screws directly to the device. But let's remember that it is possible to customize the kit according to our needs. If you live in the countryside, for example, it is likely that you will need a more powerful external antenna than the one supplied. For free advice before purchasing, please write us at