How much energy does a GSM repeater use?

How much energy does a GSM repeater use?

Many customers rightly ask us how much energy the GSM repeater uses. The GSM repeater is on 24 hours a day and depending on the model of the GSM repeater, the device can also get a little warm. We regularly receive questions about the power consumption of the GSM repeaters. Fortunately, this is not so bad in practice.



1. How do I calculate how much power my GSM repeater uses?

The energy consumption mainly depends on the strength of the GSM repeater. But the composition of the various components used is also important. The latest GSM repeaters have the most modern parts and are therefore often a bit more economical. Take our new entry-level model, the Rosenfelt RF E10S, for example. Suitable for a coverage up to 300m2. On the adapter of this GSM repeater you can read that it concerns 5Volt, 2Ampère.

With this we can make the following physical calculation: Voltage (in Volts) x Amperage (in Amps) = Power (in Watts). So 5 Volt x 2 = 10W. 


2. What are the electricity costs for using a GSM repeater?

An energy company calculates in kWh (Kilo Watt Hour). A kilowatt is 1000 watts. Multiply the power consumption in kilowatts by the time in hours. Then the consumption is 0.01 kilowatts x 24 hours = 0.24 kWh. Suppose your energy company charges € 0.22 per kWh. Then this GSM repeater will cost you 0,24 x € 0.22 = € 0,05 per day.

We also have "heavier" GSM repeaters that can support multiple indoor antennas. And thus be able to strengthen even more mobile phones. All our models of GSM repeaters can amplify unlimited mobile phones via the repeater. At least as many cell phones as the cell tower can handle.

Another calculation example is the triband repeater Rosenfelt RF LED15-L with a coverage of 1,200 m2 or a dual band repeater Rosenfelt RF EL17-H with a coverage of 1,500 m2. Both GSM repeaters have an adapter of 12Volt, 5 Amps. So 12x5 = 60W. Then the consumption is 0.06 kilowatts x 24 hours = 1,44 kWh. Cost price per kWh is € 0.22. Then this GSM repeater will cost you 0.317 x € 0.22 = € 0,32 per day.

Our absolute top model, the Rosenfelt RF20-5B, is suitable for a maximum of 8 indoor antennas and an area of up to 2,000 m2 has almost the same consumption.