1. 4G Repeater and 5G Network, are they compatible?

    Everyone's talking about 5G ... should you wait instead of picking up a 4G booster right away?

    This article takes stock: 5G won't be here for ... many years.

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  2. How do I measure the mobile signal with Android?

    Before installing the GSM repeater it is advisable to measure the available GSM signal. This measurement basically tells us where we will have to place the external antenna. In this article we will understand how to measure GSM signal with Android.

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  3. How does a GSM repeater work?

    As the name"GSM REPEATER" indicates, a mobile signal repeater, also called a GSM booster, amplifies the mobile signal.

    An outdoor antenna captures the signal, the GSM repeater amplifies the signal and the indoor antenna sends the signal to the area where we need it. In this article, you will discover how a GSM repeater works and what is important for its correct installation.

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  4. How does a GSM Repeater work?

    How does a GSM repeater work? Why do I need an outdoor antenna and an indoor antenna? Where do I mount the antennas and the splitter? In this article, you will learn how GSM repeaters are being installed.

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