Improve the signal of your mobile phone

Improve the signal of your mobile phone

In recent years, the ownership and use of mobile phones has grown tremendously. Today, almost 90% of the world's population has GSM reception. But that doesn't mean that GSM reception is improving too. In many cases, the mobile phone is still poorly received. Many users think that little can be done about it. However, this is not true. In this article, you can read how you can extend mobile coverage indoors, without waiting for a new cell tower.



1. How does GSM reception work?

Normal household telephones are connected by cables that are grounded. Mobile phones work wirelessly. Certain radio waves are used that sometimes have to travel miles to establish a connection.

When a call comes in, the mobile phone connects to a cell tower, also known as a base station (BTS). Here it is received and forwarded. By sending a connect signal, the cell tower knows where a mobile phone is. The closest transmission tower receives the GSM signal and passes it to a computer. This is called OLR (Origin Location Record). All data is stored here: your position, your subscription, etc.


2. Why do I have poor or inexistant GSM reception?

Poor or no GSM reception can be caused by several factors. First, GSM reception can be poor if you are too far from the cell tower. Also, you may have poor GSM reception when you are in a wooded area. Trees absorb the signal strongly, causing you to miss calls, drop calls, or cause a lot of noise on the line.

But it's not just nature that influences mobile coverage. The GSM signal is poor in many new buildings. Good insulation is good for the environment and your economy, but not always good for your mobile phone coverage. Especially in metal, steel and double glazed constructions. The excessive use of steel and concrete creates a Faraday cage effect. A Faraday cage is a cage-shaped construction of electrically conductive material such as iron, which practically does not allow the transmission of signals.

Thus, a bad GSM signal may be related to distance to the transmission tower, a green environment or too good isolation.


3. How can I improve my GSM reception?

If you have a (reasonably) good signal outdoors, you can improve it indoors. With a GSM repeater you can bring in the GSM signal from outside. A GSM repeater works through an indoor and outdoor antenna.

Install the outdoor antenna on the roof, façade or chimney, in the direction of the cell tower *. The GSM repeater is connected indoors, for example in a meter cabinet or technical room. You can connect it using a supplied adapter. The standard repeater is supplied with 10 meters of coaxial cable. The indoor antenna is simply screwed onto the GSM repeater, also known as a GSM booster, and transmits the signal indoors. This expands mobile coverage.

* Do you want to know where the transmission tower is located? Contact us for a free, no-obligation location verification!


4. Which GSM repeater do I need?

The mobile phone frequencies or mobile phone bands currently used are the following:

2G / GSM: 900 and 1800 MHz.

3G / WCDMA: 900 and 2100 MHz.

4G / LTE: 800 MHz, 1500 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 Mhz.

Depending on your operator, the distance to the transmission tower and the surface you need to cover we will help you select the right repeater to solve your problem.


5. Is the installation of a GSM repeater allowed?

You can freely buy a GSM repeater, only if it is CE certified. All GSM-REPEATER-SHOP repeaters are approved, making them suitable for use. You only need permission from your provider to use the GSM repeater. For more information on certification and approval, you can of course contact us.


6. How can GSM-REPEATER-SHOP help me?

Of course, at REPETIDOR-GSM.ES we are at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns. We are happy to advise you to buy the most suitable GSM repeater for your needs. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. for free support or advice.

Read our FAQ or our blog to get all the answers to your questions about GSM repeaters.


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