How can we improve the mobile network?

How can we improve the mobile network?

Improve your mobile phone coverage: do you have little or no coverage with your mobile phone and want to improve it? You're not alone. Many people still suffer from poor mobile phone coverage. In most situations this has to do with a home that is very well insulated or an office / warehouse that has a strong insulating coating. Furthermore, people suffer from poor mobile coverage in forested areas. Most people don't know that this signal can be improved. In this article, you will learn how to improve the range of your mobile phone.


1. Why do I have poor coverage with my mobile phone?

Poor mobile coverage can have several causes. It is not only rural areas inhabitants who want to improve their mobile phone range. Poor mobile coverage is also a common problem in urban areas. The main reasons are:



A - A building that is very well insulated

Homes, offices, warehouses, etc. newly built are increasingly insulated. The mobile signal is severely hampered by better insulation, double glazing, or steel construction. It regularly happens that the mobile coverage outside or near the windows is still good, but is lost in the center of the building. A kind of Faraday cage is created, where the mobile signal is quite muted. This problem often occurs in urban areas, where the outdoor range is still (reasonably) good. These are ideal situations to improve mobile coverage at home.


B - The distance to the cell tower

The distance to the cell tower can also affect the range of the mobile. The further away a cell tower is, the weaker the incoming signal. Providers can guarantee mobile coverage outdoors of up to 98%, but are not required to guarantee coverage indoors.


C - A forest / green environment

Not only the insulation, the steel structures and the distance to the transmission tower affect the GSM signal. The vegetation also influences this. Trees that are completely covered in leaves strongly dampen the mobile signal. It may even be the case that the mobile range is better when there are no leaves on the trees. Hills and dunes can also be a hindrance.


2. Why is poor mobile phone coverage a problem?

Poor mobile coverage can cause problems in several situations. Sometimes calls cannot even be made to the emergency number 112. This can be life-threatening when no one is around or if there is no landline available. In addition, there are several care systems that work with the help of mobile frequencies. With the help of these systems, seniors can call for help remotely at the push of a button. In some situations, this button will not work when there is no mobile coverage. This is mainly due to the isolation of the new healthcare centers.

The above situation is, of course, an exceptional situation. But poor mobile coverage can also be very annoying for entrepreneurs. Unavailable account managers, directors and sales people are missing out on a lot of sales. This is also one of the main reasons to improve mobile phone coverage in office buildings.


3. What can I do to improve the coverage of my mobile phone?

You can find a lot on the Internet about what is a good solution to improve mobile phone coverage. For example, it is recommended to move to a different location, keep the phone away from electronic equipment, or restart the phone. In many cases, advice that is not possible for everyone or that does not really solve the problem.

GSM-REPEATER-SHOP offers a relatively simple solution to solve the range of a mobile phone, namely GSM repeaters or GSM amplifiers. GSM repeaters are suitable for calls, 3G mobile Internet and 4G (LTE) mobile Internet. But how exactly does the installation work?

All GSM repeaters are supplied with an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna and 10 meters of coaxial cable. Let's assume a typical installation. In that case, the outdoor antenna is mounted on the roof or on the facade. In any case, as high as possible, in a place where the signal is (reasonably) good. The outdoor antenna is connected using the supplied coaxial cable.

The GSM repeater is connected indoors using a supplied adapter. Additionally, the indoor antenna bolts directly to the repeater. With the help of an on / off button, the repeater is easy to turn on and no software is required. The outdoor antenna receives the signal from the mobile outside, the repeater improves this signal and the indoor antenna transmits the signal indoors. In this way, you can easily improve your mobile phone coverage.


4. Which GSM repeater do I need?

The mobile phone frequencies or mobile phone bands currently used are the following:

2G / GSM: 900 and 1800 MHz.

3G / WCDMA: 900 and 2100 MHz.

4G / LTE: 800 MHz, 1500 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 Mhz.

Depending on your operator, the distance to the transmission tower and the surface you need to cover we will help you select the right repeater to solve your problem.


5. Will my mobile phone coverage improve with the help of a repeater?

After installing the GSM repeater, the outdoor antenna receives the signal from the mobile network. The signal is sent to the GSM repeater, which then amplifies the signal. The indoor antenna ensures optimal range indoors. With GSM-REPEATER-SHOP you can call an unlimited number of mobile phones simultaneously. The different products have been specially developed and assembled for domestic use, offices, business units and areas such as garages, warehouses, basements and containers.


6. Is the installation of a GSM repeater allowed?

You can freely purchase a GSM repeater, provided it is CE certified. All GSM-REPEATER-SHOP repeaters are approved, making them suitable for use. You only need permission from your provider to use the GSM repeater. For more information on certification and approval, you can of course contact us.


7. How can GSM-REPEATER-SHOP help me?

Of course, at GSM-REPEATER-SHOP we are at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns. We are happy to advise you to buy the most suitable GSM repeater for your needs. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. for free support or advice.


Read our FAQ or our blog to get all the answers to your questions about GSM repeaters.


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