Marine GSM amplifier: quick guide

Marine GSM amplifier: quick guide

Yes, it is possible to improve comfort "on board," with a marine GSM amplifier.
Surfing 4G, or making VoLTE or GSM calls from your boat offshore has become ultra simple! In this article, you will understand how a marine GSM amplifier and a 4G amplifier will change your life offshore. As the name suggests, an amplifier captures the signal in one place and "carries" it to another place, re-amplified and thus enhanced.



1.How does it work?

Every telephone operator has installed 4G GSM antennas along the coasts for boaters and marine professionals, and all have noticed that as they move away from the coasts, it becomes very difficult to access the 4G or GSM signal with good results: the signal gets worse as it gets worse and then disappears completely with distance.

This is because a boat is a moving vehicle, and despite the goodwill of phone operators, it is difficult to pick up the signal-a 4G GSM Marino amplifier will allow you to continue using your cell phone on board and even inside the hull.

Forget making phone calls or surfing the Internet only from the bridge-you will now have fully functional GSM or 4G signal from inside your boat.

The principle is very simple: a GSM 3G 4G marina antenna placed high on the mast will receive the signal from the coast. This signal is then transmitted through a coaxial cable to the 4G GSM amplifier inside the boat.

Basically, it is as if the antenna of your smartphone is actually on top of the mast: transmission and reception of the 4G GSM signal becomes possible again, especially when the boat is far from the coast.


2.Marine GSM signal amplifier and 4G amplifier: one compact device


amplificateur GSM marine


A technology powerhouse combines a GSM Marino amplifier that is used for voice (but also SMS, MMS, and even GPRS) with a 4G amplifier that brings the latest generation of mobile Internet. The device will also work the same way for those making VoLTE calls.

The marina omni antenna, placed at the top or middle of the mast (1), will communicate with radio stations broadcasting from the coast. The 4G GSM signal will then travel through a coaxial cable (2) connected to the marine GSM repeater (3|) / 4G amplifier, which will amplify this signal and send it to the indoor antenna. It is the latter (3) that will be picked up by your cell phone, just as if you had brought the radio base station closer to where the boat is located.

In the other direction (for phone communication to flow well in both directions), the voice is sent from the smartphone to the indoor antenna. The signal then arrives in the marine GSM amplifier, which also amplifies it at the output and sends it to the marine antenna on the mast. From there, waves containing your voice (or Internet traffic) will be picked up by radio stations located on land. Another advantage of this system is that your phone will only use its power to connect to your boat's GSM 4G Marino amplifier, rather than using its maximum power (which consumes a lot of battery power) to try to connect to a radio base station several miles away. Save battery power!


3.Can I install the marine GSM signal amplifier and 4G amplifier on any boat?

Yes! Even on a multihull taking advantage of the signal re-amplified by the GSM Marino 4G amplifier is possible: just install an internal hull antenna.

Choose the appropriate GSM Marino amplifier for the number of indoor antennas you need and choose the "indoor antenna extension set" for you accordingly.

The same logic applies to a multi-story yacht: simply count the number of internal antennas based on the number of decks or separate spaces that need coverage, then choose the power.

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