The 10 commandments of GSM Repeaters

The 10 commandments of GSM Repeaters

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  1. Choose the cellular network you want to improve
  2. Take into account the surface area
  3. Locate the best signal
  4. Take advantage of pre-sales support
  5. Order in absolute serenity
  6. Appreciate the convenience of home delivery
  7. Read the instructions (please!)
  8. Position the external antenna correctly
  9. Make an installation - test
  10. Enjoy the GSM repeaters


1.Choose the cellular network you want to improve

If you only want to improve your calls, look into the world of GSM Repeaters - Voice. It is the first section at the top left of our menu and is for you if you already have an internet line at home. There are two categories:

GSM Repeaters - Voice + + Internet 3G and/or Internet 4G on the other hand, make up the second section in our menu. This is the part you are interested in if, in addition to calls from the phone you want to improve its data connection as well. You can find:

        • Gsm Repeaters 900 + 2100 MHz
        • Gsm Repeaters 900 + 1800 + 2100 MHz
        • Gsm Repeaters 900 + 800 MHz
        • Gsm Repeaters 900 + 1800 + 800 MHz
        • Gsm Repeaters All Networks (5-band)

The choice is yours, depending on your particular situation!


2.Take into account the surface area

GSM repeaters in the standard kit, as is, have an internal antenna that can handle only one floor. At least one internal antenna will need to be added for each subsequent floor and for large square footage. As a rule of thumb we say: at least one antenna per floor and in this case we offer several extension sets that can be combined with the purchase of cellular repeaters.


3.Locate the best signal

Proper placement of the outdoor antenna is not important, it is critical. To do this you must first find the spot on the roof of your building where your phone gets the best reception. There your outdoor antenna should be placed. There are some interesting apps that allow you to measure the outdoor cellular signal like real installation gurus: one of them is OpenSignal and it is available for both Android and iPhone. Anyway, we have an article dedicated to this.


4.Take advantage of pre-sales support

For any doubt, question, clarification, information about GSM repeaters or if you just want to have a chat we can be reached by phone, chat and e-mail. We can help you with everything, for example we can check on maps where the radio base stations (SRBs) of operators near you are located. This information is useful for you to find out if the supplied external antenna is sufficient or you will need to customize your kit by replacing the internal antenna with a more powerful one. Take as much time as you need before buying; haste is not good advice unless a tiger is chasing us. In that case, I hope for your sake that you are Usain Bolt!


5.Order in absolute serenity

Satisfied or refunded within 14 days, so you have plenty of time to try the GSM repeaters and related kit, anyway you find everything explained in the Customer Service.

Payment by credit card is secure, the data circulate encrypted (SSL protocol). If you pefer you can also pay by bank transfer, Paypal or cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods.

Each product has a two-year warranty and benefits from CE ! certification in accordance with European regulations. Finally, we have an excellent technical support service at our headquarters in Wormer (Netherlands).


6.Appreciate the convenience of home delivery

Delivery of GSM repeaters is free for all orders from 40 euros and up!

Generally consider 2-3 business days for receipt of the goods, which travel by UPS courier. If you find it more convenient, you can also pick up the package at a UPS pickup center.

Always refer to our Customer Service for further details..


7.Read the instructions (please!)

You will also receive a quick guide with your GSM repeater. It is really important to invest a few minutes in reading it, I guarantee it will make your life easier during installation and this way you can also prevent damage to the device caused by incorrect installation.

In the package you will receive this quick guide, but on our website you will find the complete instruction manual in pdf on the downloads page.


8.Position the external antenna correctly

As we said in Step 3, install your outdoor antenna in the place with the best signal reception. If you chose a directional Yagi antenna, point it toward the nearest radio base station (SRB).

To find this radio base station there are several online resources:

Cellmapper for example is a map for all operators, created and updated by personal contributions. 


9.Make an installation - test

Before you attach antennas to the wall, run cables and go wild with the drill, we recommend you do a little test installation. If the result is not completely satisfactory, try a few variations. If the repeater gives a red light you almost certainly need to space the two repeater antennas further apart. Contact us and we will help you solve it. Take a look here! How does a GSM repeater work?

If everything works well, then it's time to install permanently. Great!


10.Enjoy the GSM repeaters

At this point you can rest assured, the light is green and the GSM repeaters will do a good job adjusting themselves automatically.

You can also forget about it and think about more important things. If you need anything just give a shout! 

Enjoy your relaxation!