The use of a mobile signal booster

The use of a mobile signal booster

In this article we answer questions like: How does a mobile phone signal booster really work? Why is an outdoor antenna and indoor antenna necessary? What about the additional antennas and when are they needed? In this short article you will discover the complete working principle of a mobile phone signal booster. The principle, as we will see, is simple.

As the name suggests, an amplifier receives a signal, amplifies it, and transmits it to a room. To explain it more precisely, it captures the signal in one place and transports it to another place, that is, your home, your office, or your commercial building.



1.How does a mobile phone signal booster work?

The external antenna of our amplifiers receives the external signal. The signal is then transmitted to the amplifier through a coaxial cable, which amplifies it and sends it to an indoor antenna. The indoor antenna sends the signal where your smartphone receives the signal and it magically works again!

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2. What does the kit include?

Our GSM repeater kits consist of a number 1 outdoor antenna that receives the signal from the transmitting mast, that is, the outdoor antenna receives the waves from the mobile phone. We offer different types of outdoor antennas that you can choose according to your needs. It connects to the amplifier using a 10 meter coaxial cable included in the kit. The signal passes through the coaxial cable (red in the picture) to repeater number 2, which amplifies the signal and sends it to the indoor antenna. An indoor whip antenna is also available in the GSM repeater kit. Indoor antenna number 3 sends the signal to your mobile phones. There are different types of indoor antennas depending on the characteristics of the environment that we want to cover. There is also the option of connecting multiple indoor antennas. We will talk about that later.

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3. What area can a mobile phone signal booster cover?


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As you can see from the example, this house is two stories tall, so an extension set with 2 indoor antennas should be added to the classic setup. Here it is important that a splitter is used and two outputs are generated in the GSM repeater: In this way, for example, the ground floor and the first floor can be covered. There are also extension sets with 3 or 4 indoor antennas for multi-storey buildings or large buildings. Everything is included: distributor, coaxial cable, antennas. It simply installs in place of the internal antenna that comes with the purchase of the amplifier. However, keep in mind that the amplifier must be powerful to accommodate two, three or four internal antennas.

: As a general rule, the division of the force is divided as follows:


10dBm repeater = 1 internal antenna

13dBm repeater = 2 internal antennas

15 dBm repeater = 3 internal antennas

20 dBm repeater = 4/6 internal antennas

23 dBm repeater = 8 internal antennas


4. Is it possible to use a mobile phone signal booster in larger spaces?

For special projects or large spaces where construction materials (eg reinforced concrete) or the nature of the environment and its location create additional constraints, individual and tailored solutions are needed. Think of underground garages, basements, multi-story buildings, or especially large buildings like workshops or warehouses. In this case, contact us and make us part of your project. We support you in the selection and installation of your repeater. This service is totally free!