4G signal repeater: how to choose

4G signal repeater: how to choose

Which 4G signal repeater would be good and why? Nowadays, more and more functions are going through the 4G network. 4G calling (this is known as VoLTE; voice over LTE network-another name for 4G) is becoming the new standard. It is the successor to 2G/3G networks. It also offers even faster Internet access. Calls made over 4G are established faster and the sound quality is better. When 4G does not reach the smartphone, VoLTE calls are not possible--unless you use a 4G signal repeater that solves the problem of poor reception.


  1. What is 4G network?
  2. VoLTE?
  3. Why a 4G signal repeater?
  4. How does it work?
  5. Which 4G signal repeater to choose?
  6. Can I install it myself?
  7. What advantages does it give me?


1.What is 4G network?

The abbreviation 4G stands for "4th generation," after 2G and 3G. LTE is also used for "Long Term Evolution" to refer to 4G. Finally, with the most recent improvements, LTE Advanced is used to refer to 4G, which now offers advanced features, in terms of speed, data rates, and thus greater comfort in mobile telephony.


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2. VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for 'Voice over LTE,' that is, voice over the 4G/LTE network. Based on the same principle as VoIP (Voice over IP, or voice over Internet network transmission; Skype for example), voice now transits as data, over the 4G network rather than the fraction of the network that carries the voice.


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The advantages of 4G are: better sound quality and faster communication. For operators: the ability to pass all (voice) signals over the same "channel," and thus gain economies of scale in deployment and maintenance of older networks. But it is also a necessity to prepare for the future, and in particular for the arrival of 5G, the fifth generation of mobile phone devices.

However, there is a prerequisite: the 4G network must be available! If the 4G signal is absent or very degraded (poor 4G network reception), then it will be impossible to take advantage of all these new services... simply because your smartphone will not be able to connect properly to the 4G network. Fortunately, there is a solution available for individuals and professionals: a 4G amplifier.


3.Why a 4G signal repeater?

As the name suggests: a 4G signal repeater (also known as a 4G amplifier) will regenerate the 4G signal so that your smartphone can connect to it, allowing you to take advantage of the new services. This is the solution when 4G is available outside your home or office, but the signal inside is very poor or even absent. With minimal signal available outside, you can pick it up and transmit it inside where you need it.


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4.How does it work?

First, an external antenna receives the signal and transmits it via coaxial cable to the 4G signal repeater. The latter will regenerate (re-amplify) the received signal, and then transmit it to the room or rooms where 4G is intended, through one or more indoor antennas. The external antenna is usually mounted as high as possible in the direction of the radio base station. This antenna collects the signal and routes it via coaxial cable to the 4G amplifier. There are different types of di outdoor antennas: panel antenna, outdoor 4G directional Yagi antenna, or 4G directional parabolic antenna. It all depends on the quality of reception at your location.


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5.Which 4G signal repeater to choose?

It all depends on the square footage and number of floors of the indoor environment where you want to have good signal, the distance between your building and the nearest base station, and which and how many operators you use. Contact us if you have further questions on this topic.


6.Can I install it myself?

The answer is YES!
No special technical skills are required to install a 4G signal booster. Each 4G amplifier kit comes complete with all components and a clear quick installation guide for installation in a few easy steps.


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7.What advantages does it give me?

The first, immediate benefit is that you get a good 4G signal indoors. You no longer need to go outside to use your cell phone! Rediscover the convenience of using your smartphone in all circumstances where it was not before. Another benefit is that your smartphone's battery drains less quickly due to the increased signal strength. It is as if the antenna of the base radio station has moved closer, so the phone no longer has to increase its transmission power to try to connect to it.