How to improve the cellular signal at home?

How to improve the cellular signal at home?

An inconvenience that often occurs inside many buildings is that the cellular signal is poor or absent. This problem does not only affect newly built houses, even in rural areas it often happens that you cannot make calls or use your cell phone data connection because there is no cellular signal. What can be done?


  1. How come I have a poor cellular signal at home?
  2. How come the cellular signal at home is completely absent?
  3. How can I improve the cellular signal at home?
  4. Which GSM repeater do I need?


1.How come I have a poor cellular signal at home?

Of course, you will notice that calls drop or it is not possible to make them. You cannot hear your caller well, and the internet data connection is very slow.

The number of bars on the phone shows how good the cellular signal is. The picture below shows an example where "no service" is indicated.


Geen GSM signaal


To find out exactly how good or poor your cellular signal is, there are several ways to measure it, particularly free apps such as Opensignal and Netmonitor. You can find several articles about them in our blog.


2.How come the cellular signal at home is completely absent?

The ideal situation, of course, would be one in which the cellular signal is evenly distributed throughout the country and each house is built in such a way as not to obstruct its passage. We thus recognize two main reasons to which poor mobile network signal can be attributed.

Poor mobile coverage in large urban areas occurs mainly in new buildings and basements. Due to modern insulation standards, which are supposed to reduce the energy consumption of houses, the GSM signal cannot penetrate all walls or windows. This creates a Faraday cage, a kind of construction that prevents the penetration of static fields.

The absence of cell signal in suburban and rural areas is mainly due to the above-mentioned ground conditions. For example, there are nature reserves where pylons cannot be placed. In addition, trees absorb the mobile signal very strongly, weakening the mobile signal.


3.How can I improve the cellular signal at home?

With a GSM repeater, one can improve the cellular signal inside the house. When you can receive even a little GSM signal (outside), you can amplify it inside a house.

GSM REPEATER SHOP offers GSM repeaters that come with internal antenna, external antenna, and 10-m coaxial cable. The external antenna is mounted as high as possible, ideally on the roof, in the direction of the radio base station (BTS). The outdoor antenna is moved using the included coaxial cable. The indoor antenna is easily mounted on the repeater. The GSM repeater is connected using a supplied adapter.


4.Which GSM repeater do I need?


A test installation is recommended first. It is important that there is no interference between antennas. If an indoor antenna is mounted too close to the outdoor antenna, the repeater will block and turn itself off. Make sure, for example, that the indoor antenna is not mounted too close to a window or door.

In addition, it is important that the external antenna be mounted correctly. This means: as high as possible, in the direction of the radio stations. If this is not done, the signal cannot be received optimally.