Is a GSM repeater compatible with a 4G modem?

Is a GSM repeater compatible with a 4G modem?

A GSM repeater is in many situations a good solution to the problem of poor cellular reception, just as a 4G dongle or modem is often a good solution for those who do not intend to install a landline in their home.
It may happen, however, that a 4G modem is not particularly performing because of physical obstacles that prevent the signal from passing from the outside to the inside (thick walls, concrete, trees, etc.) or because of the geographic location of the building, far from the base radio stations (BTS) of one's mobile operator.
In this case, a GSM repeater can certainly help and the combined use of these two products can be considered, but it is useful to check the compatibility of the frequencies used by both.
  1. The frequencies of the 4G network
  2. The GSM Call and 4G repeaters
  3. For multi-story houses
  4. Is the signal also poor outside?


1.The frequencies of the 4G network

The abbreviation 4G stands for "4th generation," after 2G and 3G. LTE is also used for "Long Term Evolution" to refer to 4G. Finally, with the most recent improvements, LTE Advanced is used to refer to 4G, which now offers advanced features, in terms of speed, data rates, and thus greater comfort in mobile telephony.

Usually the main le frequency bands of the 4G network are: 800 MHz (band 20), 1800 MHz (band 3), 2600 MHz (band 7).

On the 4G modem packaging and in the technical specifications we will undoubtedly find at least one of these frequencies, if not all of them.

A GSM repeater that works on at least one of these frequencies may be chosen accordingly.


2.The GSM Call and 4G repeaters

I GSM call and 4G repeaters are the category within which to look for the right model for your needs. As can be seen from the product catalog, this category is itself divided into 3 subcategories.
The first subcategory includes dual band repeaters that re-amplify the main frequency of the 4G network, which is 800 MHz, in addition to the main frequency of 900 MHz calls.
The second subcategory contains triband repeaters working with 800 MHz, 900 MHz, and 1800 MHz.
The third is the five-band GSM 3G 4G repeaters, which re-amplify all frequencies and for all operators. These are obviously the top models.

3.For multi-story houses

When choosing a GSM repeater to improve 4G signal reception on your phone and your 4G modem, you need to consider the indoor square footage to be covered and the number of floors.

If the indoor environment is large and organized on several levels, it is necessary to equip the GSM repeater kit with multiple indoor antennas. The basic repeater kit, in fact, includes an indoor antenna and a single antenna in fact can cover only one floor and a maximum theoretical square footage of 300sqm.

For example, if the building is on two levels, you can opt for an extension set 2 indoor antennas, for a building on 3 levels the extension set 3 indoor antennas applies, and so on. If the project is complex, please send us a message, so we will gladly help you locate the right products and accessories.


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4.Is the signal also poor outside?

If the signal is also poor outside the building, you will need to equip your kit with a Yagi, Super Yagi or parabolic type outdoor antenna. Choosing the right outdoor antenna is very important to ensure a good overall result.

NOTE: The parabolic antenna is only compatible with 900 and 1800 MHz, while the other antennas are compatible with all useful frequencies.

If even outdoors surfing the Internet and making phone calls is problematic, then you will most likely need one of these more powerful antennas. Write to us and we can recommend the right antenna.

The kit will work as follows: an outdoor antenna that receives the signal and transmits it via coaxial cable to the GSM calls and 4G signal repeater. The latter will regenerate (re-amplify) the received signal and then transmit it internally through one or more indoor antennas. The outdoor antenna is usually mounted as high as possible in the direction of the radio base station.


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Hoping that this information will be helpful, we remain at your disposal for any further information regarding GSM repeaters. Regarding the choice of a 4G modem, we encourage you to contact a specialized store.

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