What will happen to the 3G network? This technology was implemented more than 10 years ago and is now being overtaken by the more efficient 4G and 5G networks. What will become of the 2100 MHz, the classic frequency of the 3G network? Will it be used in other ways or decommissioned?

As one would logically imagine, the 4G network and the brand new 5G network are remarkable improvements on the 3G network's own technology, both in terms of speed and quality in carrying data.

Not only has there been an improvement in the enjoyment of multimedia content, from streaming series to music videos, thanks to 4G LTE technology it has become possible to make 4G calls (VoLTE).

The arrival of the 5G network promises even more exciting performance, if 4G was already 10 times faster than the 3G network. Surprisingly, the 4G LTE network is still superior to the 5G network in some respects. The newest network is not yet definitively deployed , while the fourth generation is established and widespread throughout the country. In addition, 5G travels mostly on very high frequencies, which are less suitable for covering large portions of the territory.

The 3G network will retire in any case, several industry articles in the telecom world predict as early as during 2022. It will take time, because many services are still based on this type of network, especially machine-to-machine systems.

The main frequency of the 3G network (help, what are frequencies? GSM repeater language: the frequencies), band 1 2100 MHz, will not be divested as long as it is part of 4G LTE technology. There is nothing to suggest that Band 1 which corresponds to the 2100 MHz frequency will soon be retired, however, we can say that it will be reused by the 4G network along with the other frequencies 800, 1800, 2600 MHz

However, what was said above is valid: a high frequency, that is, a short wave, is less suitable for covering large portions of territory and "breaks" sooner by encountering obstacles.

If radio base stations (BTS) are far away from the cell phone hooked to them, it is easy for the signal to be poor or even absent. The factors, as always, are buildings, forests, concrete or stone walls, which obstruct the signal passage.

To remedy this inconvenience, not to miss any calls and continue to surf the Internet quietly, we have designed high-quality cellular signal repeaters.

Depending on the goal (improve calls or even 3G data connection or 4G data connection) they re-amplify the right frequencies.

While waiting for the final landing of 5G on Italian territory and with it the new signal amplifier models, we offer you the best GSM repeaters and 4G repeaters. Supplied in a kit that can be customized according to the square footage of the indoor environment and the signal conditions outside the building.