1. How does a GSM repeater work?

    As the name"GSM REPEATER" indicates, a mobile signal repeater, also called a GSM booster, amplifies the mobile signal.

    An outdoor antenna captures the signal, the GSM repeater amplifies the signal and the indoor antenna sends the signal to the area where we need it. In this article, you will discover how a GSM repeater works and what is important for its correct installation.

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  2. What is calling via VOLTE?

    More and more phones are suitable for calling over 4G. But what are the advantages, how does it work and how do I know if I can already make calls via 4G? Read all about 4G calls here

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  3. What is the power consumption of a mobile repeater?

    Many customers rightly ask us how much energy the repeater uses. The repeater is on 24 hours a day and you would think it uses lots of energy, but that is not the case. You can calculate the energy consumption by the specifications of the adapter.

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  4. How does a GSM Repeater work?

    How does a GSM repeater work? Why do I need an outdoor antenna and an indoor antenna? Where do I mount the antennas and the splitter? In this article, you will learn how GSM repeaters are being installed.

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